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Are you looking for a debt collection agency in Amsterdam? Then you have come to the right place at Straetus Amsterdam Amstelland. An experienced collection expert always helps you personally with debtors who do not pay the bill.

Do you have customers who no longer respond to your payment requests or have they indicated that they do not intend to pay? Call one of our collection experts for advice or send us the invoice and other correspondence. We will start working on your case(s) the same day. You can follow the case 24/7 via our online portal.

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About Incasso 24-7

Incasso 24-7 is a website of Straetus Amsterdam Amstelland branch. Straetus is a specialist in debt collection and credit management with 30 branches in the Netherlands and the same number in 10 other countries. An international player with local collection specialists who know their customers personally and who provide advice and assistance. We guarantee responsible and effective debt collection.

The benefits of debt collection Amsterdam

Incasso Amsterdam

  • Debt collection started within 4 hours
  • Expert in customer-friendly debt collection
  • International: 30 branches in the Netherlands, 30 in 10 other countries
  • 24-7 insight into the progress of your collection file via online dashboard
  • Our core values ​​in debt collection: personal, transparent and entrepreneurial

When to use our debt collection services?

For most entrepreneurs, the transfer of an unpaid invoice to a debt collection agency is a logical consequence of repeatedly not responding to payment requests or not fulfilling agreements. Some entrepreneurs however are very reluctant to engage a collection agency. Do I now receive all objections from the debtor again via the collection agency. How high will the collection costs be? Will handing over to debt collectors ruin the chance of ever doing business again? The way the third party you hire will handle your debtors on these things will distinguish a good from a bad debt collection agency. If you want cheap and/or fall for hollow words on a website, you will also receive corresponding debt collection services. So find a good debt collection agency and be relieved and helped by a debt collection specialist that understands you and your business .

30 years of experience with debt collection

Straetus Amsterdam Amstelland builds on 30 years of experience with debtor management, amicable collection and conducting legal proceedings. We are aware of all – sometimes conflicting – thoughts and interests about debt collection that can play a role in debtor issues and we handle them with care. Call Straetus Amsterdam debt collection agency for advice on the recovery of your unpaid invoices.

Our debt collection agency: a partner who thinks along

You can have your own advisor within reach for optimizing the entire order-to-cash process. For Straetus Amsterdam this is a credit manager with 30 years of experience in preventing and curing debtor problems and resolving debt collection issues. This can go much further than cleaning up the mess. By entering into a partnership, we can also support you in the preliminary phase with creditchecks, A/R management and collection to prevent delays in payment.  We can make sure your billing and collections systems run smoothly and procedures are in place. We can help avoiding risk with, for instance defining your services on contracts. We can write or update your general terms and conditions. How do you get the customer to cooperate again in the event of an escalated difference of opinion about the invoice? How do you negotiate shorter payment terms with your large clients? When should you stop supplying your customer? We improve the payment behavior of customers and provide solicited and unsolicited advice to structurally improve collection and cash flow. If you don’t have an expercienced creditmanager on your payroll, let us save you time and money.

Amicable debt collection is our strength

As soon as you transfer unpaid invoices to us, we focus fully on collecting them amicably. All with the aim of achieving an effective collection as quickly as possible and to prevent a legal collection process. You may think ‘but my former client for sure does not want to cooperate’. In that case, don’t underestimate the ‘strange eyes force effect’ of the debt collection agency. You are sending the message that you do take the action needed to get your debtor to pay. We have 30 years of experience in talking to debtors who do not want to pay the bill. Patience and trust will be rewarded.


The most customer-friendly debt collection agency in Amsterdam

We apply the principle of ‘customer-friendly debt collection’. No matter how angry you are with your customer or debtor, we will first start the collection conversation in a normal, business-like manner. Solution-oriented, listening and discussing differences of opinion on the content. We put ourself in the shoes of your debtor and let your debtor crawl into your shoes. What is fair and reasonable. From person to person. We explain the rules calmly. With this tried-and-tested collection method, people quickly return to a mode in which we come to a solution for unpaid invoices. In practice, debt collection means handling people not being able and/or unwilling to pay. If your customer indicates that he does not have the money, we will investigate deeper. Is that structural or incidental? Have all possible solutions with regard to the debt collection been seen and explored. Has anyone been helped with a payment arrangement. What are the prospects of the debtor. If your customer really does not want to pay and is not convinced that the arguments for this will not hold up in court, we will discuss the judicial collection process with you.

If there is no other option: judicial collection

We almost always manage to get into a conversation with a debtor. If we cannot come to a solution, then the collection file must be submitted to the court. In other words, the case will go legal. We only do this if the chance of success is considerable and the debtor is likely able to pay. We prepare the summons ourselves and have it issued by a bailiff. We put the case on the roll of the competent court. After that, the legal proceedings will run automatically. If it comes to a court hearing, we will act as an authorized representative. Not only at the Amsterdam court, but throughout the The Nethherlands. Thanks to our many years of experience with debt collection, 99% of the claims submitted by us are awarded by the subdistrict court. Our colleagues and partners in other countries are able to get a conviction in any country. Of course we cannot  guarantee that the collection will be successful,

Your costs remain limited at debt collection Amsterdam

You can keep the costs of debt collection limited by first presenting unpaid invoices to our debt collection agency. For example, we do not charge a high hourly rate if the debt collection claim is disputed by the debtor. If we collect the statutory interest, that is passed on to the client. If a deal is eventually reached with your debtor, we will agree a reasonable fee with you for our collection services. If the debtor goes bankrupt, we will close the collection case free of charge. In this way, the costs for the subscription are recovered very quickly. If the collection casee has to be legal, we can realize this in a cost-effective way.

We try to keep the costs as low as possible for you and for your debtor. In the end everyone benefits from that.

Do you have a question about credit management, amicable collection or legal proceedings? Contact our debt collection experts for free advice.

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Some lawyers are happy to tell you why you should not go to a debt collection agency if you do not get your invoices paid. Below are the top five statements. We will immediately explain to you how we distinguish ourselves.

1. A debt collection agency has no real means of pressure.

Your defaulter is really not impressed by a few letters from a debt collection agency. Especially not if those letters end up at the bottom of the pile. Or even be thrown away unopened.

Our debt collection agency specializes in avoiding the high costs and long lead times of legal proceedings. We are specialists in communication and we encourage debtors to take action. By telephone, e-mail, registered e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp. and home or office visits. If you listen and respond in understandable words, most cases can actually be solved without legal proceedings.

If legal proceedings are nevertheless necessary, a collection agency can act as an authorized representative for monetary claims up to 25,000 euros (and unlimited in rental matters). Higher claims will go the lawyer in our network with just the right expertise that is needed for the case. We usually make agreements to reduce costs. So don’t pay 250 euros per hour and have no idea how many hours are ultimately needed. For a lawyer it makes no financial difference whether they win or lose. A debt collection agency hopes to be able to collect the collection costs if it is successful. They are therefore by definition much more motivated to make your case a success – at low cost.

2. A debt collection agency has no business sense.

If your invoices are substantively disputed, it quickly becomes too difficult for a debt collection agency. In general, debt collection agencies are not hindered by legal knowledge.

In addition to our legal knowledge, we also add life experience, financial and commercial insight, entrepreneurship and knowledge about debt relief and financing options to the palette in order to arrive at the best solution. Not just staring blindly at the legal position, as a lawyer is inclined to do. That is why it is better to do business with a debt collection agency that has a clear track record and of which you know exactly which experienced person will work with your customers. For example, check the Linkedin profile. At a law firm, the hour counter starts immediately in the event of a dispute. Absolutely not with us. Our court success score is 99%. 

3. A debt collection agency often works slowly.

Debt collection procedures at debt collection agencies can take a long time without much happening. Before you know it, you will be months later and you will no longer receive anything because the debtor is now bankrupt.

A debt collection case is handled at Straetus Amsterdam within 4 hours and then handled expeditiously. How long the amicable phase lasts is a tactical choice, which can be different per case. Many debt collection lawyers screen with ‘your money within 10 days’. In other words, ‘after 1 or 2 letters, the legal proceedings will start and we will charge you a high hourly rate’. Of course, a debtor can go bankrupt, have no income or assets in his name or end up in debt restructuring. It can then be much more effective to take a little more time to convince the debtor or to wait until your debtor does have the means to pay the claim. With a judgment on an empty entity you have only incurred a lot of extra costs. The best chance of continuous attention for your case(s) is if there is an extra interest in continuously paying attention to your debtors. An ongoing subscription, for example. With no cure no pay you have already indicated that you are a passer-by.

4. A lawyer is required to seize.

The same applies to a bankruptcy petition or to judicial collection of claims of more than € 25,000.00. So it quickly ends for a collection agency as soon as serious work has to be done on your case.

In The Netherlands delivery of a summons and attachment may only be done by a bailiff. He is instructed to do so by collection agencies and lawyers. It is true that for claims above 25,000 euros -not being rent or labor related debts- a lawyer is required as an authorized representative. The most economical method is to use the collection agency as a first-line service provider and in those few cases that it is necessary (5 a 10%) and the claim exceeds 25,000 euros, to have us use a lawyer from our network. We coordinate ourselves and keep the costs limited.

5. And worst of all: your defaulter knows this too!

Did you know that anyone can start a debt collection agency? Your defaulter also knows that a collection agency cannot do more than you can do yourself.

An office of debt collection lawyers can also hire anyone to present themselves as a lawyer to clients, as long as the owner is a lawyer on paper. And anyone can call themselves a legal expert. Most debtors actually respect it if they are approached in a humane way by someone who is neutral and who listens to his or her arguments. Which is then discussed in plain language and with expertise and a solution is sought. This requires empathy, commercial, financial and legal insight. Someone who dares to enter into a substantive conversation and who will not let himself be sent down. Any law firm and debt collection agency can bluff and threaten bankruptcy. So that is what sets us apart.

Our advice: hire an amicably debt collection agency like us

A debt collection lawyer who works on a no cure no pay basis seems very advantageous. However, it is very common that claims are disputed: 250 euros per hour. A lawyer wants to work hours and may very quickly push you towards legal proceedings: 250 euros per hour. This is not profitable for most receivables. We regularly hear: ‘I have not yet seen a any payment from the debtor, but I did receive a bill of a few thousand euros from a bailiff or lawyer’. Let us not impose unnecessary costs on each other and only litigate if there is really no other option. Therefore, first engage a good amicable debt collection agency as an intermediary. We are happy yo help you.


Frequently asked questions about debt collection

How many reminders should I send to a Dutch debtor?

From a legal point of view, a consumer must receive at least 1 reminder with a payment term of 16 days and the exact amount of collection costs that will be charged if payment is not made on time. From a legal point of view, a business customer is immediately in default when the payment term of the invoice has expired. You can therefore demand as a service, but from a purely legal point of view it is not necessary. In practice, companies send their customers 1 to 3 reminders and the unpaid invoices are transferred when they are 60 or 90 days past due. 

When can I engage a collection agency?

If the debtor is a consumer, this is 16 days after the reminder. If it is a business customer, this can be done after the due date of the invoice. If the debtor indicates that he does not intend to pay or if you have reason to believe that urgency is required, a claim can also be transferred immediately. You don’t even have to wait for the payment term.

My client says: I didn’t sign, so I don’t have to pay.

An agreement may also be agreed verbally. So it is certainly not a lost cause. Submit the matter to us.

My customer says: I am entitled to a discount due to Corona.

It is certainly not a foregone conclusion that a supplier or landlord should give a discount if the customer has made less turnover due to the Corona crisis. We are happy to start the discussion.

A customer no longer wants to talk and pays more slowly. What can I do?

Try to get in touch to find out whether there is a temporary problem or something structural. If you do not want to or cannot make a concrete commitment, please consult us. Stop delivery if necessary and transfer the claim to a collection agency.

My client puts pressure on me and meanwhile does not pay my bills.

Don’t be intimidated and stay businesslike. Clearly set an ultimatum in an email. “Otherwise, the case will go to my debt collection agency.” And then do that.

My customer seems to have disappeared and can no longer be reached. What can I do?

Try to find out new contact details yourself. If that doesn’t work, hand it over. Debt collection agencies are good detectives and have experience with debtors who want to make themselves invisible.

What is the difference between an amicable and judicial collection procedure?

If you no longer have contact or cannot resolve the matter yourself, you can engage a mediator who will try to prevent legal proceedings from being necessary. Because that is expensive, takes a long time and further ruins the relationship. This is called amicable collection. Usually 90% of cases are solved this way. The rest then goes on to the judicial phase or is written off.

Do you also work on a no cure no pay basis?

For the amicable collection procedure, we give you the choice between a subscription or a percentage commission of the amount collected (no cure no pay). You choose what you find most comfortable or what is the most economical. If we collect the statutory interest, that is for the client. We are also very flexible and provide tailor-made solutions. There are also clients for whom we work on an hourly rate.

What does a legal procedure cost?

We litigate ourselves before the subdistrict court (up to 25,000 euros, unlimited rental cases). You pay a fixed rate for drawing up the summons and supervising the procedure. You advance the court fees, but you will receive them back if the debtor is convicted and paid. If the debtor objects, the hourly rate is 85 euros. If you do not want to run any risk at all, we also offer to litigate no cure no pay against a percentage of the claim. That way everyone can get their rights. And you avoid high attorney fees.

How can I become a client of your agency?

There are a number of options for this:

  1. We can make an appointment for an online introduction or for a physical appointment at your office or ours in Amstelveen;
  2. We have telephone contact about your case;
  3. You send us an e-mail in which you explain your case and enclose the invoice, agreement and correspondence. We will immediately start working on it. We will call you if you have any questions. 

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